Rinze Visser, local leader of the New Communist Party in Friesland

Reza Ghoochannejhad, Iranian football player

Cath Luyten, Belgian tv host

Pete Hoekstra, ambassador of the United States

'Mario' spent a year in prison while he was innocent

Arie Haan, former dutch football player and coach

Sophia Sleeman has been cured of cancer and now supports other young people with cancer

Klaas Saito tries to get his daughter and grandchildren back from Syria


Epke Zonderland, gymnast


Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Professor of biological Breeding

Mahmod Alkharat, Syrian photographer

Joost de Vries, writer


Maedeh is told to return to Afghanistan

Johan en Iwan

Margo Jefferson, journalist, professor and writer

Henk Helmantel, painter

Lisa turns into Cinderella

Tusheti portraits

Juninho Bacuna, football player


Wieger de Vries, freelance skipper

Linda Steg, professor of environmental psychology

Menno de Bree, ethicist

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