Horse market

Paasvuur in Noorlaren met vet veel fik

Easter fire

Hunting exam

Protest against Holland Casino

Field in Finsterwolde

On top of Holland's highest windmill

Summer decoration in the city

Forced to return to his unsafe homeland

Relaxing bath for children with spasm

Frisian countryside

The struggle to fit a caravan into a museum

Nude beach

Refugees participate in tradional dutch games like 'koekhappen'

Mudflat hikers during their walk across the Wadden Sea

Local cafe

Removing willow branches

Bird flu

New Year's dive

Wash with similar colors

Operating the bridge

Peace in the Middle East

Election day

VR for the children's hospital

The winter's first ice


The new dutch

Rainbow zebra

Foggy hare

King's Day


Basketball stretching

Maintenance of the steam pumping station

Quran lessons

Walking back to their temporarily residence

Neighbourhood care

Dike guards

Cold feet

Old versus new agriculture

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